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It's simple, we love animals

Happy Paws original goal was and will continue to be, to keep your best friends in their best shape. We love animals and being able to help them enjoy life even more is what were all about.

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"Our dog Oscar ate his treats right up! It has helped with his constant licking and arthritis problems. Thank you so much!"

Sarah (Miniature Poodle)

"My dogs are now much calmer. The anxious movements and running around have diminished."

 Ben (Husky & Boston Terrier)

"My dog is very sweet but separation  causes him to eat holes in the wall, destroy things, and exhaust himself. Happy Paws CBD treats have caused a complete 180. He no longer has any issues when we're away."

Alyssa (Doberman & Tabby cat)

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All natural ingredients, made in America

Our passion for animals has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Happy Paws knows that every pet is an extension of their family, and strives to make their lives better, healthier and live as fun of a life as possible. We think the best way to help your pet is with CBD.

Happy Paws sources their CBD from a hemp extract produced in the USA and grown in the USA. We use only one source for the hemp that makes up our CBD extract, which is grown and produced in West Virginia. Our hemp extract is lab tested and has shown not only to contain CBD but other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG.

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